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Holistic Education

Our CBSE syllabus focuses on the overall development of the child's emotional, social

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Activity-based curriculum

We believe that learning is not restricted to textbooks and rote learning. They undergo

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Expert teachers

Good education comes with good guidance. Our teachers are recruited keeping in mind

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Virtual learning

During the tiring times, we have adapted a virtual learning technique which shifted the traditional classes to online ones. In the beginning, the transition was a little jarring and it took time for some to adapt to the new way of learning as well as teaching.

But, over time, we saw students adapt to this new method surprisingly fast. The speed of their adaptation and acceptance to new methods once again confirmed our theory that this generation will adapt to technology faster than any other generation.

Within no time, virtual learning had become the new norm. Teachers and students of Sanskriti The School are now familiar with online classes as they were with the traditional ones. We believe that anybody can learn anything at any time, if there is a will.

And at Sanskriti The School, learning never stops.


Students Speak

Parents Speak

Sanskriti - The school always a pleasure to be able to address young minds. Children are our tomorrow - our future. Bright faces that I see here today receiving prizes and evincing their talents will be the citizens of tomorrow.

-Mr Vikranth Terala

Secretary & Correspondent

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