Educomp Smart Class

Over the last decade everything has changed in our lives with the technology. Even education system has been witnessing great changes during the last few years. As rightly said by Carl Rogers that the only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. SANSKRITI-THE SCHOOL took the initiative and manages to change the orthodox system of teaching and adopted Educomp Smart class to make learning an enjoyable experience for students. The abstract and difficult curriculum has come to life and it improved the academic performance of the students. It improved the teacher effectiveness and productivity in class. Teaching has become participative rather than monologue. We strongly believe that today's children know how to learn and change to be the better performers.

Our Tiny Tots

Right play school environment and surroundings are required to provide the tiny tots a joyful atmosphere. Psychologists proved that the child's first five years are critical as neural impressions are formed in the brain. SANSKRITI - THE SCHOOL provides a positive ambience for interaction and enhances the motor skills and sensory abilities of the child. Teachers are mentors fostering a close student teacher bond. Physical activity and field trips are provided for the completion bond of practical knowledge. Every Saturday is allotted as the special day. Learning through play day, vegetables day, flowers day, colours day etc,.

Work Shop for Students

Tell me I forget, show me I understand, Involve me I learn Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical activity of an individual. Education is derived from the word Educare i.e. "bring forth what is within" or "bringing out the potential" of the child.

So the definition is simple, to bring out the potential out of a child. But education provision itself has been made complex nowadays, with the tremendous pressure applied on the children by the never ending aspiration of the parents.

In recent days, education is being made limited only to some subjects, rather only to book reading. The main purpose of education is being defied.

SANSKRITI - THE SCHOOL is started with this precise vision of making education complete and simple. We started with the three V's values, Virtue and Vision. We provide a platform for an overall development and complete education of a child. We believe that every attempt we make should add value to the child. Assessing Social skills, group discussion, project works, work sheets, enforcing social responsibilities, group activities, healthy competitions, workshops on important days, seminars on different topics, value education, good wishes for every event, discussion and views on current affairs, sports fields, cultural fields, literary fields significance of festivals and our cultural values mould the consciousness of the child and enhances their managerial capacities.