Shouldering The Responsibility


Our faculty at the SANSKRITI - THE SCHOOL enlarges the learning experience. All teachers actively involved in the extra and co- curricular activities that are penciled into the daily routine of the students. Be it on the sports field, the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share the a healthy rapport with students.

Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group of about ten students. The interaction with this group goes beyond the usual facilitator's role. Pastoral and counseloty roles are merged and the students benefit immensely. Occasional outings with tutors strengthen the bonds between students and teachers.

Teacher training programs organized at the Teacher's Center and workshops attended at different venues are a regular feature and ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education. The school is committed to increasing its teacher development programs both academic and non-academic.

At SANSKRITI - THE SCHOOL, we value our most invaluable resource - our teachers. They, in turn, not only transact the curriculum, but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.

Teaching Pattern

Happy is the student who knows that his teacher has faith in him. SANSKRITI - THE SCHOOL pattern of teaching is not examination centric but knowledge centric with a right attitude towards work. We refer our faculty members as educarers and facilitators. We provide a diversified curriculum. Practical and theoretical oriented syllabuses for better understanding through smart class, Physical, Biological sciences experiments and LEP method. NCERT approved syllabus with CCE pattern is adopted in social science and general science subjects. Teaching is participative and not a monologue. We strongly believe that the child should be inspired to excel in every sphere and school campus is for an overall growth (Physical, Mental, Intellectual, and psychological) of an individual and not a training center.

Our Faculty Members

Name of the Employee Designation
Mrs. S. Swati Principal
Mr. S. Papa Rao Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. S. Anithanayan U.K.G. Teacher
Mrs. A. Hemalatha U.K.G. Teacher
Mrs. V. Rajeswari Telugu Teacher
Mrs. J. Geetha Rani Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. A. Shobha Rani Telugu Teacher
Mrs. Taiyaba Art & Craft Teacher
Mr. Shiva Skating & Karate Teacher
Mrs. P. Uma Manorama English Teacher
Mrs. J. Manjula Telugu  Teacher
Miss. G. Meena Kalyani English Teacher
Mr. T. Venkateswarlu Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. Chandrika Mukherjee English Teacher
Mrs. N. Usha Rani Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. V. Rohini Biological Science Teacher
Mrs. Ananda Sathyavathi Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. Richa Sudhendra Computer Science Teacher
Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi Hindi Teacher
Mrs. Amani Sanskrit Teacher
Mrs. Sumalatha LKG Teacher
Mrs. Santoshi Asst. Teacher
Mrs. Sandhya Rani Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. Preethi Parandkar Hindi Teacher
Miss. P. Mittal General Science Teacher
Mrs. Shailaja Nursery Teacher
Mr. Bhaskar PET
Mrs. G. Lakshmi Hindi Teacher
Mr. Satish Kumar Dance Teacher
Mrs. Uma Rani General Science Teacher
Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi French Teacher