Principal's Desk


It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the progressive change in the short span of time in Sanskriti-The School

There is a developmental change in the curriculum to keep pace with the developments that are taking place in the education system .Now the concept of Education has expanded to include social development. We strive to mould the students to address the changing needs of our society and instill in them the aspiration to become worthy. Children in our school are initiated in activities that expose them to the environment and it helps them to visualize India of their dreams. The peace and harmony in one's personal life is a great asset to a child. Parents are the powerful models of children. Parenting is as much about your growth and evolution as it is your child's –

The best ways to impart discipline are:
  • We are living in an era that celebrates uniqueness not for its own sake but for the tangible benefits it yields throughout life. One of the most effective ways of teaching our kids is to lead by example. Our children look up to us and mimic the behaviours they see in us. If they see a comfortable, cheerful, happy and content person in their mom and dad, they will learn to do the same.
  • Encourage your children to associate with other children who are more like them (let them play and mingle). That way, they would feel accepted as part of a group.
  • Pay attention to the changing interests and encourage them to pursue different things until they find what suits them. Don't force the children to stick to your hobbies or aspirations that may not be right for whom they are growing up to be.
  • Help your child equip himself with the means to solve his own problems. Don't try to interface and make it all better. Failures, upsets and challenges are also perfect opportunities for them to learn how to overcome obstacles.
  • Just boost your child's self-esteem and confidence.
Mrs. S.Swati