Days to Remember

Days to Remember
January 1st Traveler’s cheque introduced Accepted first in 1971
January 4th World Braille’s day
January 6th Journalist Day
January 9th Housekeeper’s Day
January 12th  National Youth Day (Vivekananda Birthday)
January 15th Indian Army Day
January 20th Flag Day
January 24th World Leprosy Week Begins
January 26th Republic Day
January 28th Cry Day
January 30th  International Cleanliness Day
February 1st International Development week begins
February 5th Oral Health Day
February 7th First Movies show for children at London – 1900
February 9th  Population counting begun in India – 1951
February 11th World patients Rights Day
February 20th US Astronaut John Clenn circled the earth in friendship Spacecraft – 1962
February 21st International Mother Tongue Day
February 24th  International Printing Day
February 26th Satellite Insat – 1B launched – 1984
March 4th National Safety Day
March 5th National Geogical Day
March 8th International Women’s Day
March 9th Barbie Doll turned 50 – 2009 (1959)
March 15th World consumer rights Day
March 18th National Ordinance factories Day
March 22nd World Water Day
March 25th India’s Pilotless fighter plane Lakshya successfully completed the test – 2002
March 27th World Theatre Day
March 31st  Eiffel Tower in Paris
April 1st Opening of savings Bank & Fools Day
April 5th Establishment of India scouts & Guides Day
April 7th  International Health Day
April 10th Alexander Graham Bell makes first successful Telephone call – 1876
April 14th  Indian Fire Brigade Day
April 16th Charles Chaplin’s Birthday
April 18th World Heritage Day
April 22nd International Earth Day
April 23rd World Book & Copyright Day
April 25th Colours T.V. transmission started in India – 1982
April 28th International Dance Day
May 1st  Labour Day – 1918
May 2nd World Laughing Day
May 3rd World Press Freedom Day
May 4th World Asthma Day
May 7th International Red Cross Day
May 9th Mother’s Day
May 11th   National Technology Day
May 15th World Family Day
May 17th International Telecom Day
May 23rd  Mesmerism Day
May 25th Commerce Unity Day
May 29th International Mount Everest Scaling Day
June 1st World Milk Day
June 3rd A woman movie Elizabeth Thimble made the first balloon Flight from Lyon France – 1784
June 6th First Chemical Detergent “Parsil” for washing clothes was used in America – 1907
June 12th World Child Labour Day
June 17th Edwin Lard got the rights of Polardid camera – 1970
June 21st  Longest day of year
June 23rd All India Radio began Broad Casting – 1927
June 26th International Anti-Drug day
June 27th World Diabetes Day
July 1st   Introduction of postal stamp in Indian postal service – 1854
July 3rd Colours T.V. transmission Aired in London by John Logie Bard – 1928
July 5th First telecasting of the news by BBC TV – 1954
July 9th Lion declared as National animal – 1969
July 11th World population Day
July 15th Shark awareness Day
July 17th Sewing machine pretended by Saint in English – 1790
July 19th Nationalization of Banking sector – 1969
July 23rd Reserve forest day
July 25th  Test Tube Baby Day
July 26th Anti – Drug Day
July 28th First time fingerprints used for identification – 1858
July 31st  Harry Potters Birthday
August 1st World Breast feeding day
August 6th Hiroshima Day
August 9th Quit India Day
August 13th Left Handers Day
August 15th Independence Day
August 20th International Mosquito Day
August 24th Kolkata city founded – 1689
August 27th   Sir Don Bradman’s Birthday
August 29th National sports Day
September 1st National Nutrition week begins
September 4th  Mumbai Municipal Corporation established – 1873
September 5th Teacher’s Day
September 11th World Brotherhood Day
September 14th  International Multi Cultural Day
September 16th World Ozone Day
September 24th Heart Day
September 26th World Deaf Day
September 27th World Tourism Day
September 29th Police Service Started in England – 1829
October 1st International Day for the Elderly People
October 2nd  Gandhi Jayanti
October 4th World Animal welfare Day
October 6th Contagious Safety Day
October 8th Air Force Day
October 10th National Postal Day
October 11th National Recycling Day in Malaysia
October 14th World sight Day
October 15th Student’s Day (APJ ABDUL KALAM BIRTH DAY)
October 16th World Food Day
October 20th National Unity Day
October 22nd India’s Chandrayan Launched – 2008
October 24th  World information Development Day
October 25th  First Electronic Wrist Watch Manufactured – 1960
October 28th World Animal Day
October 30th International Saving Day
November 2nd Cheer Leaders Day
November 4th  Marati Theater Day
November 7th   International Cancer Awareness Day
November 9th   Legal Service Day
November 11th  First World War Ends – 1918
November 14th Children’s Day
November 25th  World Abolition Day of Atrocities towards women
November 26th Constitution of India Accepted (1949)
November 29th International Solidarity Day
December 2nd World Computer Literacy Day
December 5th   Walt Disney’s birthday
December 7th International Civil aviation Day
December 12th Radio invented by Marconi Day – 1896
December 17th Retired rights Day
December 21s First cross word puzzle appeared - 1913
December 23rd Farmer’s Day (Kissan Diwas)
December 26th Consume Day
December 28th Chewing Gum invented
December 29th International Day for Biological Diversity