Sanskriti The School is self sufficient in every possible way when it comes to educational facilities, technology and resources to enable a first class schooling experience for all its students. The state of the art infrastructure at Sanskriti include.

  • Spacious building with modern infrastructure with clean serene surroundings
  • Airy and well lit rooms with corridors and pathway.
  • An extensive and large playground with well equipped sports and games equipments.
  • Computer lab with optimally networked systems.
  • Physical and Biological science labs for hands on experience.
  • Well equipped library room with a treasure of books to inculcate enhance reading skills.
  • Provision of library card which allows the students to read their favourite collections at leisure.
  • Audio Visual Lab for interesting and interactive knowledge dissemination through LCD projector, advanced educational software and so on.
  • Language labs for effective communication.
  • The after school club provides a platform for interested students to hone their skills in Arts, Painting, Dancing, Drama and other fields.